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Pufamuffel & Co.

Pu f a m u f f e l   o r   B e r l i n ?

Gabriel Bur's Pufamuffel is a being of non-light brought to light, a being of the city.

Pufamuffel XIII – Pufa' goes rock | Pufamuffel & Co. | Original: 20x20cm • Acrylics on wall tile
Pufamuffel XII – Futuristica | Pufamuffel & Co. | Original: 35x32cm • Quartz sand, PU foam, acrylics on chipboard  (this is a digitally reworked version of the original as a vector graphic)Pufamuffel XIV – At the Brandenburg Gate | Pufamuffel & Co. | Original: 20x20cm • Pencil, acrylic varnish on wall tile