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Cuteness Paintings

Spielwerk” for pausing. Paintings of Gabriel Bur’s Schnuffigkeiten, the familiar in a new context.

Duckanic | Original: approx. 49.5x53cm • alkyd resin oils, pastels, acrylics, charcoal on paper - Realized with Pictrs.comDD_220530_äffchenaufstafelland_30x60 | Shop for buying reproductions of ART PAINTINGS, SKETCHES and OBJECT ART by Gabriel Bur - Realized with Pictrs.comSheepish Clouds | Original: 39x51.5cm • Pastels, acrylics on paper - Realized with Pictrs.comCome down there! | Original: 195x100cm • Pastels, acrylics on canvas - Realized with Pictrs.comThe Sheltered Duckling | Original: 190x95cm • Acrylics, pastels on canvas - Realized with



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